Yes, in November 2003 I officially became the world's fifth best liar. I managed this by telling a detailed story about my career as a tea-bag weaver. The event was held up in Cumbria and was a really good night out. Or at least it was until the last contestant stepped up. He won the competition, but this was very controversial because he read his entry from a script. The crowd felt so cheated by the judges' decision that they almost turned violent!

It sounds bizarre, I know, but the event was serious enough to get into the papers. You can read about it in the Times (yes, that Times), and also read these three stories from a local source: story 1, story 2, story 3, and story 4. If you read them in order it tells the story quite well.

The tragedy is that otherwise it was a really fun night and everybody was very good-spirited. Judging is going to be tightened up next year and so hopefully all will be well in the world of International Lying once again.

But the main thing is that I have an official world ranking in something, which was precisely my aim when I entered!

UPDATE! When I entered the Lying Championship, my intention was to write a book about the experience of entering a series of world championship events. I went on to enter the World Wife Carrying Championship shortly afterwards but then the project lost momentum. However, I did write the first chapter describing the events in Cumbria and so you can read the full story of the world lying championship here.